Lab Members & Collaborators

Principal Investigator

Grad Student Lab Members

  • Sara Obaid Ul Islam

    MA Student

    Sara is interested in how our prior experience with visual environments (e.g. natural scenes, websites) changes the way in which we attend to and extract information from them. As a case study, Sara is currently investigating how people deploy attention when viewing social media, which have overnight become a fixture in homo sapiens’ visual ecology. Sara comes to us from Pakistan, and has received a Fulbright Scholarship to support studying at the New School.

  • Mariah Woodruff

    MA Student

    Mariah’s research focuses on how we see objects not only as having shapes, but also as having separate, functionally significant parts — such as when we see a shape as having a front. Her research investigates how fronts are perceived, and the consequences of such perception for motor behavior. Prior to entering the Psychology program, she completed a Master’s degree at Parson’s School of Design. Together with Michael Schober and Aaron Hill, she also studies how to design hurricane maps for non-experts, in order to optimally visualize uncertainty and improve risk evaluation.

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