Welcome to the homepage of the New School for Social Research Perception Laboratory! We study many aspects of visual perception, with a special focus on the perception of minds.

Even simple geometric shapes look alive and goal-directed if they move in certain ways. These percepts have long fascinated psychologists, but they have often been implicitly treated as a mere curiosity, or epiphenomenon. In contrast, our research has shown that perceiving animacy and intentionality has a host of adaptive downstream effects on attention, memory, and behavior. Over the course of this work, we have uncovered some fun illusions that provide some clues as to how these percepts arise. We also conduct research on event perception, on the perception of art, and on meta-psychological questions, such as how to best study perceptual states.

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Spring 2021: On select Friday mornings this semester, the lab is excited to be hosting a series of online talks devoted to Gestalt psychology and related research traditions. All are welcome to join!